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Dan Mancina is a blind skateboarder from Detroit, MI, who lost his eyesight at the age of 23 due to a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa.

We have been working with Dan throughout the year on getting this Actions REALized board just right for visually impaired skateboarders using raised ink braille and a routed out nose indicator.

Dan has been skating with the Real crew every opportunity, taking trips to LA & SF and riding with us on the Detroit leg of our Actions REALized trip earlier this year, where we surprised him with the first prototype. Dan's approach to skateboarding and life is inspirational to say the least. The excuses we’ve all made over the years to not try a trick suddenly become void when you see Dan feel out a spot by touch and then commit to every try.

This special Braille Actions REALized board is our way of sharing Dan's vision of building an adaptive skatepark, designed specifically for visually impaired and disabled skaters. A portion of the proceeds will be going directly to helping make it happen.


Rob Pontes is a pillar in the East Coast skate scene, never tiring from supporting skate shops, skateparks and skateboarding wherever he can. After Rob was diagnosed with ALS in 2015 skaters from all over the map have been coming together for Roll For Rob events to raise awareness for ALS, and to help raise funds that support Rob and his family to continue treatments to fight it.

This year Mark Gonzales lended a hand by designing a Limited Edition Actions REALized board that are available in skate shops worldwide and on

A portion of the proceeds from these Roll For Rob benefit decks will go directly to Rob Pontes and his family to help them through his treatment for ALS.

Thank you skateboarding and skateboarders.

We love you, Rob!




Our journey with Nate Viands started over 3 years ago when his Dad Scott reached out to us after Nate was diagnosed with Leukemia a few months before his 4th birthday.

Nate couldn’t play normal sports with other kids because of the shared germs that could be life threatening to his weakened immune system. Scott, who had grown up skating in Philly but had been off the board for over a decade, thought he could use skateboarding as a way for them both to take their minds off the rigorous cancer treatments. A quick trip to Exit Skateshop and Nate has been skating relentlessly ever since.

A simple ‘Thank You for making a board small enough for my son’ message has grown into a friendship with the Viands family that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

We flew Nate out to SF to surprise him with a new Actions REALized board to raise money for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Needless to say he skated non-stop the entire time.

Don’t stop pushing Nate. Just take a break once and awhile, you’re making the rest of the team look bad.




"Each year the Roll for Rob event brings together the skateboarding community from all over to show our support of Rob Pontes and his family."

"It is truly amazing to see how many skaters came together to help out a fellow skater. Every year the number of supporters grow and the reach we have gets stronger, so we knew we had to make the 4th Roll for Rob our best one yet! Thank you Skateboarding and Skateboarders for all the support."

- Andrew Kim (DLX East Coast Sales Rep)

A portion of the proceeds from the Roll For Rob benefit decks go directly to Rob Pontes and his family to help them through his treatment for ALS.

For more info and to help support Rob Pontes and his Family visit :




The amount of support the skateboard community has shown for Rob Pontes and his family has been absolutely incredible. 

With each of the Roll For Rob benefit events the crowds and overwhelming support has grown. Seeing everyone rally together around a fellow skater is truly inspiring and we are honored to release the 3rd Edition of the Roll For Rob benefit decks.

A portion of the proceeds from these Roll For Rob benefit decks will go directly to Rob Pontes and his family to help them through his treatment for ALS.

Thank you Skateboarding and Skateboarders for all the support.

Steve Olson - Let the People Paint

The amount of influence Steve Olson has had on skateboarding is immeasurable.

All the way in - with everything - he remains consistent in his push. We are honored to work with Steve on this Actions REALized release for his Let the People Paint Project.

Thank you Steve Olson.

-Jim Thiebaud

A portion of the proceeds from these Steve Olson - Actions REALized decks will go to the “Let The People Paint’ program to help youth and developmentally disabled adults experience the feeling of painting and creating art.

Thank you for all the support.


Roll For Rob 1 Comment

Rob Pontes is a pillar in the East Coast skate scene. His hard work through the years has benefitted too many shops, parks and skaters to count. Recently, Rob was diagnosed with ALS and is undergoing new treatments to beat it. East Coast shops and skaters are coming together and holding a series of benefit events throughout 2015. The funds raised will go to Rob and his family to help in their journey. We will also be releasing a specific color way Actions REALized deck for each event. A portion of the proceeds from each deck will go to help Rob and his family.

Thank you, skateboarding and skateboarders.

You got this, Rob!

For More info please visit:



Skateboarding and music can be a positive force for change. A portion of the proceeds from these decks will be donated to Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland.

Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland is the Bay Area's only independent children's hospital. For over 100 years, It's been Children's Oakland's mission to take care of every child who needs help, regardless of ability to pay.

For more info please visit:


ACTIONS REALized Hurricane Sandy REALief - Nov 2012

As Skateboarders we always look out for our own and cross all borders to help those in need. Watching the recent Hurricane Sandy disaster unfold was truly devastating.

The new Actions REALized REALief Capsule was created to help all those affected by the Hurricane Sandy Disaster.

A portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of these items will go to the Red Cross and their relief efforts on the East Coast.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

Thank you for all of your support. The Sandy REALief Capsule is in select skate shops now. For more information and ways to help please visit


Hobo Wines x Actions REALized - Oct 2012

In 2002, lifelong skater turned winemaker Kenny Likitprakong followed his heart and set out to start his own Wine Company with the simple idea of following his passion and to have fun doing it. Now, ten yeas later Kenny owns and operates Hobo Wines and remains a dedicated skater to this day. To celebrate Hobo Wines 10th year anniversary Kenny wanted to combine his two passions of skateboarding and winemaking and use them to give back. Together with REAL’s Actions REALized, Hobo Wines teamed up for three special Actions REALized decks and hosted a charity skate jam and dinner event to help raise money for Team Inspiration. Thanks to everyone that came out for the event on Saturday Oct. 20th over $10k was raised for Team Inspiration.

A portion of the proceeds from the Hobo Wines X Actions REALized collaboration decks will go to support Team Inspiration and their work to empower individuals living with cancer by developing exercise programs that improve their physical and mental quality of life.




For more information on Hobo Wines and Team Inspiration please visit:


Bingo was the owner of the Legendary UK Skateshop Mischief. Bingo made Mischief the place to be for skateboarders for 15 years. He was in the store 6 days a week. On evenings he was out skating, or filming with the up and coming kids form the area, helping and teaching them. Bingo was someone you could count on. Skateboarding was his life and he was skateboarding family to so many. He is sorely missed.

He is gone but will never be forgotten and his memory and effect on skateboarding will live forever.



Knowledge is Power - May 2012



In every situation lies an opportunity to do something more, to take the next step and try to instigate a positive change. Longtime skater and Atlanta native Greg Mike not only lent his hand to design a new series of REAL decks Greg Mike also created and hand painted a one of a kind 3 foot tall Peter Ramondetta Actions REALized GM can sculpture. This piece of art is being auctioned with 100% of the proceeds of it’s sale going to the JohnyKicksCancer Foundation and the fight against childhood leukemia.


Skaters worldwide came together at their local skate shops in April 2011, not only for the REAL Since Day One Premieres, but also to raise money for the JohnnyKicksCancer foundation. It was a world wide effort with a sliding scale – any donation was taken at the premieres.

In 2011 the JohnnyKicksCancer foundation was able to Raise $65,000 which they presented to the Texas Children’s hospital.

Thank You to every single skate shop that hosted a REAL premiere/benefit and thank you to every single skater that came to the premieres. It simply would not have been possible without you.

Thank You Skateboarding.





In the summer of 2011  together with Skateboarders worldwide Actions REALized released a very special Johnny Romano deck.

For the month of April 2011 anyone who donated $20 or more to the Johnnykickscancer Foundation had their name or the name of someone they wanted to honor printed on the top graphic of a very special Romano Brick Edition Deck.
In our lifetime there have been few people that have brought the skateboarding world completely together as a whole. Johnny Romano is one of those people. He will always remain an inspiration to us all.



When Duane Peters incurred huge medical bills from almost losing his leg, Lance Mountain stepped in and graciously designed two special edition Actions Realized decks. The Proceeds from both of Duane’s board went to helping hiim cover his enormous medical costs.



JAPAN REALief - Mar 2011 1 Comment

Skateboarding is obviously  worldwide and bridges all borders. When the massive Earthquake of March 2011, hit Japan watching the effects of the disaster were truly devastating. As Skateboarders we knew we had to do more than just watch. Within a day of the Earthquake the art was finished for an all new Actions REALized Japan REALief deck to help raise money for the Red Cross and their relief efforts in Japan.



Johnny was and always will be an inspiration to all of us here at REAL. A skateboarder who showed us what true determination and courage are. In his short life he united skaters worldwide and his influence on all of us will be remembered forever. The proceeds from his deck and shirts went to the Johnnykickscancer organization.



Lee Bender is a life long skater who has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for over 4 years now. The disease greatly affect’s equilibrium and has made it impossible for him to skate. Lee’s only option was to continue taking expensive medications and living with the disease not knowing what would come next. When Lee found an experimental new procedure in Poland that was shown to alleviate the major symptoms of MS, he was ready to try, but needed the funds to be able to afford the bold new surgery.

Lance Mountain jumped in to help and kindly created the artwork for Lee’s ‘Down with MS’ Actions Realized board. A portion of the proceeds from the deck went directly to helping Lee receive the procedure in Poland and hopefully one day allowing him to skate again.


Harold Hunter was and will always be a huge personality in skateboarding. He was loved by everyone. Forever.

I hit Jim up about an Actions REALized deck for the Harold Hunter Foundation for a few reasons. First - to make sure that we don't forget Harold. Also - These boards help people see the good work the Harold Hunter Foundation is doing for kids in New York City. Through The HHF we keep his spirit alive and make sure Harold's fire never goes out.

We miss you, Harold - Your legend will never die! - Giovanni Reda

HAITI REALief - Feb 2010

While watching the horror in Haiti unfold it was clear to all of us that we had to do something and do it fast. Chris Wright jammed out this special Actions REALized deck benefitting the Red Cross and their efforts in Haiti. Our woodshop commited to putting these in front of everything they were doing. Thank you for letting us be a part of skateboarding and helping effect change.

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