Dan Mancina is a blind skateboarder from Detroit, MI, who lost his eyesight at the age of 23 due to a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa.

We have been working with Dan throughout the year on getting this Actions REALized board just right for visually impaired skateboarders using raised ink braille and a routed out nose indicator.

Dan has been skating with the Real crew every opportunity, taking trips to LA & SF and riding with us on the Detroit leg of our Actions REALized trip earlier this year, where we surprised him with the first prototype. Dan's approach to skateboarding and life is inspirational to say the least. The excuses we’ve all made over the years to not try a trick suddenly become void when you see Dan feel out a spot by touch and then commit to every try.

This special Braille Actions REALized board is our way of sharing Dan's vision of building an adaptive skatepark, designed specifically for visually impaired and disabled skaters. A portion of the proceeds will be going directly to helping make it happen.

Dan’s part from the ‘TCB’ video. Filmed and edited by Steve Regish ~ BUY THE TCB DVD

The Dan Mancina
Blindfold Challenge

Step 1 : Find a white cane and a blindfold

Tip from Dan : check thrift stores to save a few bucks

Step 2 : Have a friend pick you up to go skate a spot you’ve never been to - stay blindfolded the entire time -

Tip from Dan : make sure its a friend you trust!

Step 3 : Feel out the spot using only your hands, cane and other sense - no peeking allowed!

Tip from Dan : use your surroundings to mark your path to what you want to skate. The cracks, curbs and walls are your new best friends.

Step 4 : Skate the spot!

Tip from Dan : Committing is going to be the hardest part - make sure you plan out how to slam

Step 5 : Hope you ride away from whatever you tried! Take off the blindfold to visually check out the spot to see how your mental map differed from what is there.

Tip from Dan : Just have fun!

We want to see your attempts! Post them on Instagram and tag #DanMancinaChallenge, @DanTheMancina & @REALSkateboards.

Dan will be picking his favorite 5 - with the help of the Real Team and friends - to be featured on REAL’s Insta and win his new Braille Actions REALized board.

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