Roll For Rob Benefit Deck - 3rd Edition


Sizes available : 8.06” X 32” , 8.25” Full X 32.22” and 8.5" X 32.5” - Each with assorted color bottom veneers.

We at REAL believe that skateboarding can be a huge force of change. The Actions REALized decks are a reinforcement of that simple belief. Skateboarding as a positive force that can change the world.

A portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of this deck will go to: Rob Pontes.

Rob Pontes is a pillar in the East Coast skate scene. His hard work through the years has benefited shops, skaters and parks too many to count. Rob was recently diagnosed with ALS and is undergoing a series of new treatments to beat it.

Many of the shops and skaters Rob has helped through the years are coming together and holding a series of events to raise money to help Rob and his family through this journey.

Thank you skateboarding and skateboarders.

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