On Saturday A.skate was announced as the #7 finalist in the Refresh Everything Project and won the $50K grant thanks to all of your help. Without your support in voting and helping spread the awareness of A.skate's efforts it simply wouldn't have been possible. It has been incredible to see the entire skateboard community come together to support fellow skaters in their goal of helping others through skateboarding. It can't be said enough, thank you, your support is truly appreciated, it's things like this and people like you that keep skateboarding going and moving forward in a positive direction.


Another very special thanks goes out to Tina Brantley, Cody Atkinson and Benson from Tactics for texting in the most cap codes to Crys on Friday.

Tina, you texted in the most and won Jim's personal prize pack.

Cody and Benson, we've got some special prizes coming your way too.

Thanks again to everyone who showed their support for A.skate. The last two weeks have been truly inspiring.

Email from Crys Worley from this weekend's A.skate Clinic:

"Jim, I kid u not this boy was screaming bc he had no confidence and all he wanted to do was go home and play legos. His mom drove 2 hrs to come today. He only got on if we let his sister hold his hand. Of course he fell and said he never wanted to try again. I sat n the middle ofthe park w/ him and talked and finally got him to let Jr work with him, he was rolling in by himself within 10 min. Biggest success story, his mom was crying. He was cheering bc he did it. And he had just had a meltdown about being in school PE and not being ableto do a balance board for more than 3 seconds and his class mates made fun of him. He kept saying "u don't understand me. I can't do this. I'm worthless. I have no balance" and he was a completely diff child when he left!"

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